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    Default Division History

    Angels of Death
    War Thunder Division 11th Anniversary
    April 29, 2013 - April 29th, 2024

    War Thunder Division History

    Division stood up as a trial on 29th of April 2013.

    We became a full time division of AOD on 18th of May 2013.
    Our 1st in-game squadron was created 12th of June 2013 as Squadrons weren't in the game at launch.
    We have a total of 5 in-game squadrons.

    A comment from our 1st XO B1ackBishop:

    "I'd like to add something to the War Thunder history in regards to a member I'm not sure many know about. Khc196 was a CmdSgt at the time DraigUK (1st CO) and myself were trying garner interest in War Thunder's trail division. This was way back when War Thunder was not well known, well before it even dreamt of having ground vehicles (much less ships). Khc wasn't really very active in WT but for some reason, he enjoyed our antics and it was very common for him to jump into channel and shoot the shit with us. I wouldn't say he was the only reason for War Thunder to have made it to a full time division, but he had faith in us (a hand full of people) and really pushed for that difficult transition from trail to full time. Few requested game divisions are/were (I still think "are") given a trail status and even fewer manage to make it to full time. It was all about getting people interested and playing the game, and that wasn't easy starting from scratch. So I just wanted to give a shout out to Khc196, for the recognition he also deserves. Although he didn't really play the game much, he really help push start this division when it started out."

    A Comment from DieOlleScholle, former War Thunder Sgt:

    "I want to thank Nimvlar, Danneskjold, WeDGe, WhaleCo and P_A_G_A_N who have all helped me out with their incredible memory of the early days of our division and BoomBoom who dug through the Sergeant archives and compiled a lot of the promotion dates"

    All Sgts that have helped War Thunder Division
    Name of the Sgt Date of promotion M-D-Y
    Argonaught 4-15-2017
    Aviation_21 12-7-2013
    B1ackBishop First XO
    Blodgett 5-31-2021
    BoomBoomStick 6-27-2015
    BrettG 5-9-2020
    BritishBob 10-22-2014
    Buttertoast ~2004
    Cadimus 3-29-2015
    CelticDeth N/A
    Chrisix N/A
    Danneskjold ~2013
    DieOlleScholle 5-9-2020
    DonnyMack 6-23-2017
    DraigUK First CO
    Empees0 1-9-2021
    FellaWhite 1-20-2018
    Fred_Brie 7-8-2023
    GaRebelZ71 10-4-2020
    Havok0311 4-18-2021
    henkie_jager 10-11-2015
    heffyend 07-22-2022
    Hptm_Schwenn 2-1-2022
    Jimbo 9-29-2018
    Khc196 N/A
    Nightshade 12-1-2016
    Nimvlar 7-15-2014
    Ovinus 11-19-2022
    P_A_G_A_N 6-7-2016
    Redknight 11-24-2019
    RTMPro 1-13-2020
    SabreSixFour 1-21-2022
    SKY_SAMURAI 5-7-2016
    Stiggy 4-18-2021
    Spanakis 6-27-2015
    Templar 10-1-2018
    Tom12348 6-18-2019
    Tripfour N/A
    WhaleCo 8-31-2016
    Wipe/Wipey ~2013
    Yamiinu 7-28-2021
    CO's for War Thunder
    Name of the CO Date of promotion M-D-Y
    DraigUK 04-29-2013
    B1ackBishop 09-13-2013
    Danneskjold 02-26-2014
    Aviation 05-01-2015
    BoomBoomStick 10-02-2016
    Templar 06-07-2019
    R3D_KN1GHT 09-19-2020

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    Congratulations War Thunder!

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